Susan Seaberry


The spirits of the Fauvists seem to inhabit Susan Seaberry’s paintings with her fearless use of color in the manner of Monet, Van Dongen or Camoin, yet Seaberry is known for her narrative and metaphor in equal measure. The romanticism oozes from her paintings while never at the expense of fine draughtsmanship, and an innate knowledge shaped and fed by fine classical training. Susan Seaberry received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Art Center College of Design in California in 1966 and began her busy career as an illustrator and designer while continuing to paint and exhibit her work. Further Post-Graduate studies include: U.C.L.A. post-graduate 1972-75, Otis Parsons post-graduate 1980-84, Ubaldo Grazia ceramica, Italy 1995-97, Arts Students League, New York 2005, 2006

California, USA